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Timur Akhriev
Russian born Timur Akhriev attended middle school and high school at the St. Petersburg Art School. In 1991 he left the politically unstable region near his hometown of Ingushetia, near the border with Chechnya, to join his father, painter Daud Akhriev, in the United States.

He now resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he attended the University of Chattanooga Fine Arts program. From 2005 to 2007 he studied in Florence, Italy, for a year and a half at the Florence Academy of Art. You will find a number of scenes of Florence, particularly some wonderful depictions of the characteristic Florentine tile roofs, among the pieces in the galleries where he is represented.

Akhriev has a direct, painterly approach, honed by plein air painting, with a rich variety of textures, vibrant colors and a range of tonal effects. Many of his works are evocations of late afternoon or early evening light, in which foreground objects are often in shadow, and background elements illuminated by shafts of slanting sunlight.

He also frequently depicts landscapes on overcast or foggy days, with subtle color ranges and muted value contrasts.


8 responses to “Timur Akhriev”

  1. Extraordinary talent, especially from someone who is still pretty young. Thanks for showing these.

  2. Beautiful, crisp style, and great choice of angles

  3. fantastic compositions

  4. Lovely. The angles of vision are particularly adept. Thank you for identifying this artist to us.

  5. Great art work really good composition.Brian

  6. Wow, I’ve been looking for him but I didn’t know who he was. In october 2008 I walked by a man who was painting in Florence…take a look at this, it’s him! , painting this piece!

    1. That’s cool! Thanks for sharing the photo, Arne.

      Other readers can also check out Arne van der Ree’s illustration portfolio at

  7. Dear Timur Akhriev
    My name is Silvana Ambar, I am writing to you with the request of your artwork as a submission for sales at our gallery.
    Please provide me your email address and you will find an attachment word file for further details and official letter.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Gallery Director
    Silvana Ambar
    Tel. 818 662 7070
    Fax. 818 662 7075