The Blank Page

The Blank Page - George Metaxas
The Blank Page is a short (3 minute) stop-motion animation by student George Metaxas that helped to get him accepted into the experimental animation program at Cal Arts.

Metaxas describes it as “An allegory about the creative process”.

What’s particularly interesting is the visual charm he accomplishes with his limited materials: a range of cardboard shapes that have been painted or drawn on.

There is an interview with him on Design Federation in which he discusses his process that includes some storyboard drawings.

Other than that I can’t find a site or other internet presence for Metaxas, but I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more from him in the near future.

[Via Cartoon Brew]

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  1. Excellent little animation. At first the choice of lighting gives it a very CGI appearance but it’s great to see it’s all modelled in cardboard.

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