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Mark Selander
Concept and visual design artist Mark Selander studied industrial design in college, and took that experience to work for Will Vinton Studios (now known as Laika) creating models, sets and concept art, and then to Microsoft Games, where he worked as a concept artist for six years.

He now works as a freelance concept artist, designer and illustrator for the entertainment industry, gaming, toy design and illustration. His website, titled Machines and Humans has galleries of his work divided between environments, machines, characters, illustrations, sketches and graphics.

He also maintains a blog titled Rockets and Rabbits.

Recently, Selander launched a site called Commutapult (image above, top), a take off on the utopian transportation fantasies that have sparked the pages of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics for years.

In it he gives us genuine looking illustrations and infographics of a proposed urban commuting system for his hometown of Seattle, in which commuters are hurled in ballistically launched pods, their cups of “hyper caffinated Commutacinno™” rotating in gimbaled holders, until caught in great funnel and lowered into the transportation hub; allowing the highways to be replaced with idyllic green pedestrian pathways.

Spot on.

[Via Metafilter]


3 responses to “Mark Selander”

  1. That kind of reminds me of Jacque Fresco’s drawings.

  2. Background artist rarely get any credit. It’s amazing how much we are affected when a background isn’t around, or is done improperly. The more I work on backgrounds of my own, the more I appreciate works like this. Every artist should try their hand at backgrounds. You may be pleasantly surpised by the outcome.

  3. wow, it’s awsome.