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Laura Barnard

Laura Barnard
UK based illustrator Laura Barnard specializes in cityscapes and architectural subjects, “the more complicated they are the better”.

She works in both traditional and digital media, mixing them at times. Her fine line approach works well in her portrayal of complex jumbles of buildings, latticed with detail and texture.

She has an informal line, allowing her freedom in her portrayal of buildings at odd angles with one another, and license in her use of perspective, as well as lending the work a feeling of informality that softens the hard geometry.

In addition to the textures created with hatching and line, she often mixes in passages of tone or color, sometimes restricting them to certain parts of the drawing.

Her website has a gallery of her work, a blog-like news section and a shop in which she sells posters and prints.

You can also find her work on the Behance Network, Flickr and in this post on Neatorama, which is where I encountered her drawings.


4 responses to “Laura Barnard”

  1. Really talented.

  2. Love this style! You get really sucked in and spend ages making sense of the mish mash of shapes. Very cool stuff.

  3. the third drawing looks amazing

  4. Wonderful use of everyday surroundings and deceptively simple technique. Really engaging to look at.