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Rob Carey

Rob Carey
Rob Carey is an American school teacher living in Kandern, Germany. He frequently sketches the area around where he lives as well as chronicling his travels to other locations around Germany and trips back to the U.S.

Carey is a contributor to the Urban Sketchers community blog (see my posts about Urban Sketchers, and here). He works in pencil, fine point marker and watercolor.

His sketches vary between a loose, informal feeling and more controlled architectural renderings. They often evidence a fascination with light and shadow amid the arrangements of architectural forms.


6 responses to “Rob Carey”

  1. These drawings are fantastic!Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks Charlie. Congratulations Rob! You deserve the recognition. You are one of my favorite sketchers.

  3. incredible drawing and acuracy…grate drawing!! love it!!

  4. Brilliant sketches! Something about the pencil/pen/watercolour style is really appropriate for representing German architecture.

  5. His drawings are brilliant, I’m always on the lookout for his stuff!

  6. Carey’s drawings always stand out on Urban Sketchers. Great to see them here too. Thx for posting.