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Moebius art on Tumblr

Jean Giraud - Moebius
Jean Giraud, more commonly known as Moebius, and who also signs some work as “GIR”, is a French comics artist and illustrator, very well known in Europe, less so here in the U.S.

Moebius is my favorite comics artist, and if you think of him as an illustrator, one of my favorites in that category as well. I haven’t had time to write a proper post on him, but I didn’t want to let this go by.

There is often, for various reasons, a dearth of Moebius art available on the web. His official site comes and goes and doesn’t show his work to best advantage.

However, someone has posted a nice variety of Moebius art on a Tumblr blog called Quenched Consciousness, and I wanted to point it out on an “enjoy it while you can” basis, as these things tend to disappear.

Though a somewhat disjointed collection — the comics aren’t in the context of the whole story and there is a glaring lack of images from his brilliant work on Lieutenant Blueberry — it’s still a nice cross section of his various styles, particularly if you’re not familiar with his work.

[Note: linked site contains images that are NSFW and not suitable for children.]

[Via Tom Gauld]

Quenched Consciousness (unofficial tumblr blog) (official Moebius site)

Blueberry (official site)


8 responses to “Moebius art on Tumblr”

  1. It didn’t take me but moments to see a close resemblance in his work to another ‘cartoon’ artist named Winsor McCay. Especially the ‘scapes, with extreme perspective. I’ve seen his work before, I just don’t remember where.

  2. Yes, his universe (specially in the 70’s) was quiet inspired by Little Nemo. He worked on an Japan animation adaptation and even made stories with a character inspired by Little Nemo. As he recycles everything he sees, you will find a lot of similarity with a lot of artists 🙂

  3. Forget to say he is the main reason of my choice to draw. Damn guy !

  4. And there is a great exhibition in Paris i don’t see yet ( and an awesome catalog you really must buy (304 pages, a LOT of illustrations, etc.) 😉

  5. Scott Conner Avatar
    Scott Conner

    It’s sad that most people in the US under the age of 30 have had no exposure to Moebius at all.

  6. He’s one of the reason I still like look at my old Epic’s.

  7. I think that Moebius is the greatest comic artist in the universe I knew him from the seventies a friend of mine brought some of his art from Paris from that time till several days ago I looked for his graphic novels now I found them & bought them from amazon I wish I,ll meet this big artist oh Im a comic artist from 1970 in the first magazine of children in Iraq my artistic signature is : Adeeb Maki