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Nate Greco

Nate Greco
As an adolescent and teenager I was taken with the wild art and illustration associated with mid-1960’s hot rod and “Kalifornia Kustom Kar Kulture” (see my post on Big Daddy Roth), so I was immediately delighted with Nate Greco’s take on the same from the vantage point of a couple of generations later.

Greco is an illustrator and display concept artist based in Tampa Bay, Florida. He studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota.

Greco works in pen and ink, oil, watercolor and digital media. His automotive themed paintings and drawings often feature vehicles post or during a car wreck, but minus the object or other vehicle causing the impact, producing an interestingly isolated event.

I find his drawings particularly appealing in their informal, sketch like quality and their bizarre arrested motion portrayal of ghostly impacts.

Greco also maintains a blog in which he posts additional art as well as preliminary drawings and sketches for various projects, including some sketches of “Old Florida” (images above, bottom) drawn from antique photographs.


One response to “Nate Greco”

  1. Clearly there’s the love of the classic car here… but it’s the smashed-up-ness that’s really appealing. Cool. The camper bus trike is especially appealing. I guess that’s a hot rod and smashed up a bit too.