Pete Scully

Pete Scully
One of the things that art does best it to make the ordinary extraordinary. By focusing attention on commonplace objects artists can reveal them in ways that make us see them anew.

I was amused and delighted by Pete Scully’s series of 50 drawings of fire hydrants, standpipes, water tanks, meters and even a water tower, in which he finds great variety of form, color and texture.

The drawings, which he has also put together as a single, poster-like image (above, top, larger image here) were done as Scully’s participation in the Flickr pool NaNoDrawMo challenge. (Inspired by National Novel Writing Month, or NoNoWriMo, NaNoDrawMo was a challenge to produce 50 individual drawings during the Month of November.)

Scully posted the individual drawings on his blog over the past month. You’ll also find other series of drawings accessible from the menus at the top of the pages, with drawings from places like San Francisco and London.

Scully is originally from the U.K. and now lives in California. He is a contributor the Urban Sketchers Blog. (See my previous post about Urban Sketchers, and note that they have changed the address of the blog from .com to .org).

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