Jake Baddeley

Jake Baddeley
Jake Baddeley gives little information about himself on his website, save to call himself a symbolist painter and artist.

Looking through his work, I see classical training, influences from the Surrealists and Magic Realists, and a fascination with the art and invention of the Renaissance.

He uses a muted, controlled palette, with passages of restrained but rich color, and his compositions often have feeling of deliberately arranged tableaux, with questions posed and hints of meaning scattered through the subjects. Often there are objects floating, either in frozen motion or defiance of gravity, and repeated themes of masks, blindfolds and curtains, suggesting subliminal meaning.

The paintings on his website are arranged by year, the sections for which provide a click-through navigation of Next and Previous, though there are no thumbnails. In addition there is a gallery of drawings in the “Other work” section.

You can also find a selection of his paintings on the Ten Dreams Gallery in an arrangement that more readily gives an overview of his work. There are also galleries of his paintings on the beinArt Surreal Art Collective and the imaginary realism art print site.

Prints of his work are also available directly through his web shop. Editions of a book called Dreamscapes, that feature a number of artists, including Baddeley in the 2009 and 2010 volumes, are available from both his shop and the imaginary realism site.