Adrie Hello

Adrie Hello
Adrie Hello ia a watercolorist based in Dordrecht, Netherlends. He paints townscapes of his city with atmospheric transparent watercolor and occasional touches of gouache.

Hello often finds interesting subjects in streets and canals seen through mist or light rain, using soft washes of muted color contrasted with accented edges on the objects he wants to bring forward.

He has a knack for suggestion, providing just enough detail and suggestion of textures that your mind fills in the rest.

His website has a section for Recent works and another for Paintings that is divided into sub-galleries.

Also of interest are his extensive lists of links to other artists and art resources, and his page on his favorite watercolor painters.

[Suggestion courtesy of Lyl and Aelle Ayres]


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  1. Hi
    Your paintings are my favorite style, but in my city, there is not beautiful things for painting.My colors in my paintings are dark and I am unhappy, because I can not go out and I can not paint outside. My city is full of cars and dirty dark air. I am so happy for you.

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