Sean Andrew Murray

Sean Andrew Murray, Muttonhead
Sean Andrew Murray, AKA “Muttonhead”, is a concept artist and illustrator currently working with Big Huge Games/38 Studios. He has previously worked with Turbine on “Dungeons and Dragons Online” and “Lord of the Rings Online”, as well as clients like Privateer Press and Wizards of the Coast.

Murray often likes to work in an ink line and filled color approach as opposed to the digital painting styles more common in the field. That, and his predilections for quirky subjects and settings, can give his work the feeling of slightly twisted children’s book illustration.

He has a nicely imaginative, sometimes enjoyably grotesque approach to character design, and a knack for illustrating environment concepts in a way that gives them some of the feeling of weirdly intricate set designs.

His website is divided into Paintings, Drawings and Concept Art and Illustration. In the Drawings section you will often find preliminary drawings for some of the pieces you’ll see in the other sections. You can also fine preliminary drawings along with works in progress and other pieces on Murray’s blog.

Murray works in both traditional and digital media and you can also find a gallery of his work on CGHub. His sketchbook drawings were the subject of a feature article in ImagineFX #34, there is an extract on Murray’s blog.


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