Lan Ying

Lan Ying
Lan Ying was a Chinese painter active in the early 17th Century (late Ming dynasty). He was noted for his paintings of flowers, plants and landscapes. The latter were beautiful examples of a kind of Chinese landscape painting I particularly enjoy, with delicate, softly toned calligraphic linework and beautifully handled washes, evocative of mist, atmosphere and subtle suggestions of texture.

Lan Ying was also noted for his portrayals of fascinatingly complex rocks, of a kind often chosen for gardens as suggestive of miniature mountains (image above, bottom right, featured here).

He was considered representative of the Zhe School of Chinese painters. I’ve see a number of his works in which the title indicates that he is deliberately painting in the style of particular artists that preceded him whose work he greatly admired.

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  1. Thanks for posting – I’m a landscape painter but am continually amazed by what I can draw from your posts – an inspirational mix of fine art and illustration and great quality reproductions. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love these pieces. I’ve lived in China, and I know it can be a very beautiful place. The first painting is an idyllic vision, how I imagine parts of old china. by the way this is a great blog, I’ve put a link on my website

  3. Chinese New Year falls on Thursday, February 03, 2011
    Hoping to see more of Chinese art in the year of the Rabbit.

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