Francisco Pons Arnau

Francisco Pons Arnau
Francisco Pons Arnau was a Spanish Academic painter active in the mid 19th Century [Correction: late 19th, early 20th Centuries]. He became a follower of Joaquín Sorolla (see my recent post on Sorolla), and was influenced by Art Nouveau.

He painted portraits, figures, landscapes and what might be called intimate landscapes — garden scenes with detailed depictions of shrubs or trellised vines.

Beyond that, I’ve been able to find little information. Fortunately, there are several examples of his richly colored, light-filled paintings on the web.

The best selection I’ve come across is on The Athenaeum, and there is a nice, easy to access selection on Art Inconnu. There is a video slideshow overview of his work posted to YouTube by mariayutub.

[Initial idea via Francis Vallejo on Twitpic]

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