Massimo Carnevale

Massimo Carnevale
Italian comics artist and illustrator Massimo Carnevale sent me two links back in 2006, suggesting that I check out his blog and an entry on his work in the Italian edition of Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, as often happens with my long and ungainly list of potential topics for Lines and Colors, his suggestion fell between the cracks, and the blog he listed is no longer extant.

Sometime last year, I noticed a Zelda Devon mention of Carnevale (on Twitter, I think), checked out his work, was very impressed and bookmarked it for future use, but again let it pass beneath the waves.

Finally, I’ve recently noticed several mentions, on Daring Fireball, Drawn and elsewhere, of his new blog, sketchessnatched, in which he is posting delightful digital paintings and drawings inspired by movies (images above, bottom two in color, plus black and white).

Massimo resides in italy, where he has been contributing to Italian comics since 1987, in many cases in collaboration with screenwriter Lorenzo Bartoli. In 2003, he started to do work for the American comics company DC. They hired Caranavele to do painted covers, which has become his speciality.

Carnavale worked on covers for the Vertigo imprint titles, Y: The Last Man and Northlanders (image above, top), and has also done covers for Dark Horse Comics’ Terminator 2029 (above, second down).

The links in the paragraph above are to listings on Comic Vine, which also lists Carnevale’s work on Del Ray Comics’ The Talisman: The Road of Trials. The thumbnails in each listing are linked to a detail page with a larger view of the cover. There is also a text bibliography of his work for US publishers on Comic Book DB.

There is a book of Carnevale’s work, Icon Artbook Vol 03 Massimo Carnavale Italian, available form Forbidden Planet (also listed in Italian here).

Outside of his new movie scene inspired blog, I can’t find a dedicated web presence for Carnevale. The best other source I’ve found for his work is a section on Comic Art Community. I’ve listed the few other resources I can find below.

[Addendum: Luigi of House of Mystery was kind enough to write (see this post’s comments) and add to the list of resources for Carnevale’s work:
Covers of the monthly series John Doe, covers of Don Zauker and Garrett ]


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