The Night of All Fears

The Night of All Fears
The Night of All Fears is wonderfully designed and realized short animation (1 minute) that was the winner in last years’ “B-Movie” challenge on CGSociety.

Theme of the challenge was to bring to life a classic B-Movie, or to suggest one that didn’t exist. An example of the latter approach, The Night of All Fears is essentially a trailer for a hypothetical 1950’s style classic B-Movie.

The short was directed by Cyril Corallo and a group from the French studio Rheo freelancers association, which, as the name implies, is a group formed of individual freelancers, who made the short their first project together.

You can view the short on Vimeo, or on the Rheo site, where you can also see a slide show of stills.

In addition, there is also a one minute making of video on Vimeo. There is a making of article and interview with the team on the CGSociety site, where you can also see the other winners of the challenge.

[Via Max the Mutt Animation School, on Twitter @MaxtheMutt]

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  1. Great work and the fact that it’s been rendered in Flash makes it even more remarkable. I hope they make either a movie or a series out of this. Amazing work.

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