Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert
German artist Simon Schubert works in the novel medium of creased paper, using the sharp creases as lines, and apparently letting the differences in surface provide tones under the controlled lighting in which the piece is photographed.

His subjects for this sequence of works are largely architectural interiors of a particular villa. They often include patterned floors and recursive repetition of spaces in facing mirrors.

His online gallery also includes installations and sculpture.

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4 thoughts on “Simon Schubert

  1. Ael

    Simon Schubert’s installation
    Untitled (Woman bathing her long black hair)
    2006, Mixed Media, 75 x 66 x 290 cm, is so amazing.

  2. Irina Shishkina

    I’m loving Simon Schubert’s work of delicately folding a piece of paper to look as though it’s an image of an interior. It does not even seem possible that anyone can produce such an incredible and detailed work by merely folding paper. Mind-blowing! I am now tempted to create a background for my website using this technique. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

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