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Ken Auster: Intellect and Passion

Ken Auster Intellect and Passion
In my previous post about Ken Auster, a well known California painter of plein air landscapes, cityscapes, surfing scenes and restaurant interiors, I pointed out my disappointment in the frustratingly small images on his website.

In particular, I found it unfortunate because the small images don’t convey the wonderful painterly brushwork and textural qualities that I think are the most appealing aspects of his work, and I pointed readers to the larger reproductions on the sites of galleries in which he is represented, New Masters Gallery and Jones & Terwilliger Galleries.

The good news is that Auster has now collected 68 of his paintings in a new 60 page book titled Intellect and Passion.

There is a mini-website for the book that features a 14 page preview. If you mouse over the “Layout” icon in the row of icons above the preview area, and choose “Presentation View” in the drop-down, and then click on “Fullscreen”, you’ll be rewarded with pages from the book that show several of his paintings much larger than elsewhere, and you’ll begin to get a feeling for the expressive brush marks, textural surface and vibrant color that make his paintings shine.

You can also preview the book on issuu in a number of modes, including a single scrolling page.

Of course, the best way to see these images (short of seeing the originals, of course) is in print in the actual pages of the new book. The book is very nicely produced, in a wide format (12″ x 8″), and every page resonates with that vibrant, textural brushwork that I find so appealing in Auster’s work.

Ken Auster Intellect and Passion is available, signed by the author, for $35.00 USD. Contact him via email at inquiries[at]


3 responses to “Ken Auster: Intellect and Passion

  1. stunning work, really captures the light, and brilliant textures, the issue viewer is a good way to view the work, the bigger the view on screen the better!

  2. Elaine Krupnick Avatar
    Elaine Krupnick

    How do I buy the book

    1. Contact the artist directly at .