Toon Books

Toon Books
Now here’s a terrific idea. Toon Books is an imprint of Candlewick Press dedicated to “Easy to read comics” aimed at early readers. Divided into three levels for grades K-1, grades 1-2 and grades 2-3, the comics are meant to be tools to encourage reading both in the home and in the classroom.

Titles include Jack and the Box, by Art Spiegleman, known for Maus and the Raw anthologies; Little Mouse Gets Ready, by Jeff Smith, creator of Bone; Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever, by Jay Lynch and illustrator Dean Haspiel, Otto’s Orange Day by Lynch and cartoonist Frank Cammuso; and Zig and Wikki in Something Ate My Homework, by Nadja Spiegelman and cartoonist Trade Loeffler, artist/creator of the delightful web comic, Zip and L’il Bit.

The Toon Books website has sections on each of the titles, with preview pages and author bios. There are also additional features, a Cartoon Maker online interactive, an online reader in which the authors read from their titles and links to iPhone/iPad versions of some of the titles, that are (currently at least) being offered free.

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  1. Thanks for this post Charley,
    I know a five year old who would love this and makes for good summer reading (practice so as not to lose momentum before 1st grade and instill a love for reading from the parental point of view).

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