Retro Future Space Art on Dark Roasted Blend

Retro Future Space Art on Dark Roasted Blend
I just love these. Not only do I take great delight in past visions of the future, I’m particularly fond of retro space art.

The blog Dark Roasted Blend, which posts items that are odd, amusing, visually interesting — or all three, has posted a fine addition to their wonderful series of posts collecting visions of future space tech from the past, notably the 1930’s through the 1960’s.

The posts are a cornucopia of art deco streamlined spaceships, giant wheeled space stations, beautifully clunky spacesuits and rocketships with fins that would make a 1959 Cadillac turn green with envy.

Is it the future yet?

(Please see the original articles for links to the image credits.)

[Via BibliOdyssey]


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