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Antoino Gaudi documentary

Antoino Gaudi documentary
It is often said that architecture is a form of sculpture.

At its worst, this means that many of our cities are chock-a-block with horribly soulless and mind-numbingly boring modernist sculpture that we would be hard pressed to think of as art.

On the other hand, perhaps the most obvious and beautiful manifestation of this idea is the work of the remarkable Catalan architect Atoni Gaudí, also known as Antonio Gaudí, whose overtly sculptural buildings are shaped with Art Nouveau grace and leap into the sky with surreal incongruity to the everyday structures around them.

Someone has posted a beautiful 1984 documentary by Hiroshi Tesigahara titled Antoinio Gaudi to YouTube. The film is a little over an hour long and is in large part simply music and scenes in which the camera lingers lovingly on the details of Gaudí’s amazing buildings, so language is not a barrier.

The film is available on Amazon as Antonio Gaudí: The Criterion Collection.

For more on Gaudí, see my previous post on Antoni Gaudí.

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3 responses to “Antoino Gaudi documentary”

  1. To me, they have always looked ‘organic’ rather than Art Nouveau, since I viewed his architecture before I knew that they were considered Art Nouveau. A relative (who became an architect) brought photos back with him from his trip to Spain.

  2. The first three pictures, is it possible that they depict a building in Madrid? I’ve lived in Madrid this winter/spring (I’m from Sweden originally) and remember I walked past a building not very unlike that one, fascinated by the architecture. It might not be the same building, but probably by the same architect.

    Great blog btw, I’ve had it as my homepage for over a year now, and followed it even longer.

  3. Just wanted to point out that his name is written “Antoni Gaudí”, not “Antoino Gaudi” 😉