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Selected (Mike Guppy)

Selected (Mike Guppy)
another sight is a website on which artist and designer Mike Guppy displays a series of short art pieces, most using animated gifs, JavaScript, CSS and other web based techniques.

Of them, the one I find most interesting is Selected ~ 2011, a series of animated GIF images in which familiar artworks by Botticelli, Leonardo, Magritte, Munch and Fuselli are represented with with principle elements missing; their formerly occupied space represented in the image by an animation of a selection marquee (sometimes known as “marching ants”), as found in image editors like Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP and others.

The image above, and detail below it, are still screenshots of the animated image.

When viewing the gallery for Selected, be aware that all of the pieces are on the same page, but arranged horizontally, requiring the use of a horizontal scrollbar at bottom to view them.

Guppy also has a blog, More Sight on which some of the pieces appear.

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One response to “Selected (Mike Guppy)”

  1. His work certainly is interesting and innovative although I don’t particularly like most of it. On top of that, these works with the selection marquee, happen to be my least favorite. I think he fails to enhance the images in any way. It’s a gag at best.