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Femke Hiemstra
Dutch artist Femke Hiemstra paints her richly detailed and wonderfully textural paintings of animals (anthropomorphic and otherwise), odd characters and fantastical landscapes on found objects. Her odd shaped “canvases” are the covers of old books, wooden holy water fonts and antique wooden panels.

Her mixed media pieces also include typography, sometimes completing the illusion that the antique book on the surface of which she is painting, for example, is a real but very different book.

Hiemstra studied illustration at the School of Arts in Utrecht and “Illustration and Visualizing” at the School of Graphic Arts in Amsterdam, where she currently lives and works.

Her mixed media technique includes thin layers of acrylic and water, colored pencils and sometimes chalk and oil crayons.

Heimstra is part of a three person show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery that is on view until August 27, 2011.

[Via beinArt Collective]


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  1. Thank you for introducing Femke Hiemstra to us.
    She’s definitely worth it, Charley!

  2. I’m going to see it… be right back…