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Robert Tracy (update)

Robert Tracy
Robert Tracy is an artist I have written about previously. Tracy had not updated his website for some time, but recently added a number of older works he has made available for purchase.

You can find even more of his work on his deviantART gallery, which contains an archive of pieces going back to 1965.

The deviantART galleries are more extensive (if you don’t mind the occasional intrusive ad, which is now deviantART’s policy if you are not logged in), but his website contains both older and more recent work that is available for sale. Navigation there is a bit disjointed, with links from various places on the homepage that are not accessible from the other pages.

Tracy is a self taught artist with an interest in traditional art, and his range of work chronicles his path in tackling a variety of subjects and media as he explores the possibilities of each.

You will find landscapes, portraits, still life, interiors, florals, animals, copies from the masters and narrative images in oil, watercolor, gouache, egg tempera, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, graphite, charcoal and even silverpoint.

I find particular interest in seeing him tackle related subjects in different media; for example, painting similar still life arrangements in acrylic, watercolor and oil.


One response to “Robert Tracy (update)”

  1. He reminds me of the Canadian artist Dan Price Brown – who works exclusively in egg tempera. I have seen Browns prelims done in sepia and pencil – which is what leads me to the comparison.