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They Draw and Cook – the book

They Draw and Cook - the book
As I mentioned in my post from last year, They Draw and Cook is a site on which illustrated recipes (or recipes as illustrations) are posted on a regular basis.

Created either by artists who cook or cooks who draw (for whatever difference that may be), the recipes are a far cry from your old style scribbles on an index card or new style entires in a database, illustrating the food and its preparation with style and often humor.

The site’s creators and editors, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell have collected over 100 of the recipe/illustrations and published them in a new book, They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World (Amazon link here).

In addition to the brief preview on the website and the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon, there is also a promotional video for the book, as well an unofficial flip-through video here.

It wasn’t until I saw the latter that I understood the layout of the interior pages, in which the oblong formated illustrated recipes are presented as big double-page spreads.

The They Draw and Cook website has lost some of its original blog format simplicity, and now offers numerous features and sections. Past recipes are offered in themed collections and the “Most Recently Added Recipes” section serves the function of the old blog-based site.


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  1. Hey Charley, Thanks for the nice words and wonderful shout-out for the new TheyDraw&Cook book. You’re the best!