LG Optimus facade mapping

LG Optimus facade mapping  in Berlin
I’ve written previously about 3-D animation video projection on the sides of buildings, specifically about those created by NuFormer.

I’m uncertain who created this example in Berlin (the only credit line I can find says “Facade Mapping Image Show”, but I can’t find a site for that name), but it’s probably the most striking one I’ve seen.

This is basically a kind of 3-D animation projected against the side of a building, and initially, at least, “mapped” to the buildings surface, allowing the animators to have their way with the building, both as a subject and as a surface for projecting other images.

You can watch it on YouTube or Vimeo or on the BoingBoing site, which is where I learned about it initially.

View it full screen for best effect. It must be even more striking to see this projected against a building in person. The small still images above don’t do justice to the visual charm of the animation.

In this case the entire thing is a commercial – an ad for LG, though the actual advertising component is nicely incorporated. If more ads were this dazzling and visually imaginative, I’d seek them out as entertainment.

[Via BoingBoing]