The Linosaurus

The Linosaurus: Edward Pellens, George Soper, Carl Kunst, Jean Jacques Midderigh, unknown, Karl Johne, unknown
The Linosaurus is a fascinating blog devoted to “…the lesser Gods and Goddesses of linoleum and woodblock printing”.

In it, the author, a blogger in the Netherlands (who I identifed as “Gerrie Caspers”, inferred from the URL of the blog and his email address) selects printmakers both old and contemporary, known and unknown, and features their prints as well as paintings and drawings.

He does a fair bit of research on his finds, often in an initial quest to identify the creator of a work he has found (for which he occasionally asks for input from readers) as well as background information on those artists who are known, and references to related artists.

You can search a bit by clicking on labels assigned to various posts to find similar topics, or, as I did, simply browse back through the older posts to see what discoveries await.

(Images above: Edward Pellens, George Soper, Carl Kunst, Jean Jacques Midderigh, unknown, Karl Johne, unknown)

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  1. I noticed something happening on my humble Blog today: too many visits and visitors for an ordinary rainy day. Thanks for the compliments. It makes all time, effort and research worth while. And I welcome ye all in my wonderful world of woodblock and linoleumcut printing. Indeed: dedicated to the lesser Gods and Godesses. Hope you’ll enjoy and return once in a while.
    Gerrie (for Gerbrand) Caspers, Netherlands

  2. Hi I have four pictures there very old early 1900s there framed in a gold color frame.the pictures or prints are signedJ.J.middlerigh.they look like canal pics with natives and large ships.I was wongering if they have any value.

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