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John Singer Sargent on Met Museum website

John Singer Sargent on Met Museum website
Today is John Singer Sargent’s birthday.

A search for his work on the wonderful, recently redesigned website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art brings up over 600 images.

Yes, the iconic and astonishingly accomplished society portraits are well represented, and if you want to focus on those, you can limit your search to show only artworks on display, which sharply reduces it to 18 finished and beautiful works.

Part of the fascination for me, however, is exploring the less finished, less often seen works by Sargent in the museum’s collection, including watercolors, drawings and sketchbooks.

Sargent was prolific, and sketched and painted in watercolor for his own pleasure in addition to his more finished commissioned portraits.

The wonderful thing about browsing the Met’s website, aside from the amazing quantity and quality of their collection of Sargent, is that almost all of the images are viewable in large, sometimes wonderfully large, versions.

On each image’s detail page, click on the image or the “View fullscreen” link below it, and then zoom, or even better, use the download image arrow at bottom right to view the image larger.

This gets my Major Timesink Warning.



8 responses to “John Singer Sargent on Met Museum website”

  1. I spent a delightful afternoon browsing all the offerings; what a glorious web page. Happy Birthday John – thank heavens for you and your talent that continues to enrich our lives.

  2. Thanks so much for this, I was in the library yesterday, reading his books and I discovered that it was his birthday, so I am so overjoyed by this post.! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You rock! I saw an exhibit of Sargent’s work-mostly drawings–at the Corcoran in DC a few years ago. His work is so amazing.

  4. Wow! Massive and large, how cool is that.

  5. I have always loved his work!!! I have tons of his books and sorolla’s books.

  6. Thank you for sharing these images…if you get a chance stop by my place…

  7. Eric Kelly Avatar
    Eric Kelly

    Curse you for ever alerting me to the Met’s high res images. I may never be seen again….

    1. I did warn you…