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Steven Hughes

Steven Hughes
Originally from Ohio and now living and working in Michigan, Steven Hughes is a freelance illustrator and an Assistant professor of illustration at Northern Michigan University.

His clients include American Greetings, Ohio Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, University of Dayton and others.

His website (I love the URL: essentially opens up to his portfolio, which festures work in both traditional and digital media.

The section for Paintings includes his nicely rendered poster images of baseball players, along with more conceptual pieces like his portrayal of Ben Franklin as an electrical socket.

Note that the images are often accompanied by work in progress images, accessed from small links just above them.

Tucked away in the “Paintings” list is a selection of “Cityscapes”, which are location paintings for gallery exhibit and private commissions. Again, there are several images accessed from links at top.

The “Drawings” section includes sketchbook pages, which have a nice feeling of “draw whatever is in front of you” subject selections, along with more finished still life drawings and figure drawings.

Hughes also has a blog. Though not recently updated, it includes additional work in progress images as well as additional context for some of his portfolio images.

There is a brief interview with Hughes on The Artfuls.