Sean Beavers

Sean Beavers
Sean Beavers is an artist who plays with context, juxtaposing his still life subjects in particular, with boxes, paintings of them resting on drawings of similar subjects, or in other backgrounds that accomplish one of the things that art does best — allowing us to see the commonplace with fresh eyes.

Beavers says in his artist’s statement that he thinks of his work as symbolist, in that the subjects of his compositions represent something beyond the objects themselves, and while I don’t claim to have an understanding of the intentions behind his pieces, I do find that element of “more than meets they eye” comes through and adds to the appeal.

I particularly enjoy the series he calls “Stillscape”, in which he paints objects commonly used for still life in the context of shoreline landscapes.

Beavers also paints figurative work and landscapes. The latter tend to be spare and open, often with dramatic cloud formations as their focus.

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  1. The paintings of Sean Beavers are simple but evocative. The plat of colors are great. Beavers is very imaginative. It is nice to see this kind of art online.

  2. One of our favorite ‘young’ painters. Sean’s work is incredible in creativity AND craftsmanship. He can paint figurative, landscape, and still life equally well, a sign of his true talent. We really believe that he is an important artist in the resurgence of realism, he paintings are relatively classic or traditional, but he brings an undeniably contemporary attitude and vision to his compositions. Quidley & Company is proud to represent him, here is a little write up from his show we hosted . . .

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