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Felicity House

Felicity House
I’ve commented previously on the interesting place that pastel has in the range of art media. Though dry, and therefore technically a “drawing” medium, pastel can have almost all of the qualities of painting.

Felicity House is an English artist who uses pastel in a way that is simultaneously drawing and painting, with a lively expressive quality of line and a beautiful play of light, color and shadow.

House works directly on location. Her website features galleries of her work in landscape, still life and figures, along with travel sketches. In particular, I enjoyed the pieces in the section for “Interiors”.

There is a kind of visual charm that can be expressed in line that is difficult to achieve in more straightforward painting, and approaches like hers are notable for that combination of effects (a reason that I also often like the visual appeal of pen and watercolor, or colored woodblock prints).

House also works in watercolor, charcoal and oil and teaches courses in several mediums.

[Via Katherine Tyrrell’s Making a Mark]


6 responses to “Felicity House”

  1. Excellent!!! Just love these pieces!

  2. I wouldn’t have guessed that these were done in pastel. I’ve been considering that medium lately, because we all have years of experience in handling a pencil, but have to start from scratch in learning to handle a brush. Lovely, light, and uplifting. Thank you.

  3. Caddisman Avatar

    Interesting comment you made that “technically” these are drawings. That is what I have always thought about dry media in general, but after posting my pastel works over on WetCanvas, I discovered that I dare not call them drawings…heh-heh.

    Beautiful work! Thanks for posting this artist, Charley.


  4. Felicity’s work is delightful. They have a wonderful freshness about them. Love the combination of line and tone.

  5. What a beautiful range of colors. Great to see pastel work with such expressive qualities. Thank you Felicity House