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Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny and other WB characters

Here are a few short videos (on YouTube) in which the ever brilliant Chuck Jones shows how he draws some of his iconic characters: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepe le Pew, Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

“…learn how to draw a carrot, then you can hook a rabbit onto it.”

“Depending on what our budget is, we can use three or two whiskers.”

[Via Kottke]


11 responses to “Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny and other WB characters”

  1. Thank you for your awesome blog. Just a note, the links to videos are not there, but dead. Thank you for all you do.


    1. Thanks. I just checked the links and they seem OK.

  2. Lorette Avatar

    As a child I used to draw tortoises. Their heads were no more than an oval with a mouth ‘en profil’ and I called them Plokkie, just out of the blue.
    How I wish all these cartoon characters would come alive today.
    Thanks, Charley!
    P.S. Don’t forget Cow and Chicken. Cow’s udder is a round stool on four legs.

  3. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, but they still don’t work for me.

  4. My bad, I see the “links” down below. I erroneously thought that the pictures were the links to the videos. Sorry for the trouble.

    1. Actually, the mistake is mine. Usually when I feature an animation I show a sequence of screenshots from one video. In this case I didn’t and the images look like the much more common blog convention of embedding the video directly in the post (which I don’t do). Sorry for the confusion.

  5. May I know what kind of pencil and paper did Jones use? Simply graphite pencil? As I see that he can draw a real dark line with just a single heavy stroke.

    1. I don’t know exactly, but there are a number of very black graphite pencils available, like the Prismacolor Ebony pencil and the Palomino Blackwing. Also check out other kinds of pencils like Wolff’s Carbon pencils and charcoal pencils.

      While we’re on the subject, here’s a post I wrote some time ago on pencils.

  6. Lorette Avatar

    There’s a clue here you might consider Mr Shark.
    Perhaps somebody can help you with the drawing paper. Good luck!

  7. Thanks Lorette, I am checking it out. 😀

  8. Thanks Charley! I really don’t know there is Carbon Pencil! But I am afraid I can’t get it from my local store, as I live in Hong Kong.

    But you really give a piece of useful information, thanks again.