George Boorujy

George Boorujy
New York based artist George Boorujy creates striking images of animals, rock formations and other natural and man made objects using ink on paper.

His website, and the few interviews I’ve been able to find, don’t include much information about what kinds of inks or other details about his process, but the results are highly detailed, textural and visually forceful.

Boorujy’s work is currently on display in a show titled “Blood Memory” at the P-P-O-W gallery in New York that runs until April 14, 2012.

The gallery on his website includes detail crops, sometimes more than one, for some of the images. I’ve taken the liberty of applying an outline to the full versions of his works, that often include white or very light backgrounds, so you can more clearly see his compositions (which some of the blog articles listed below obscure by only posting detail crops).

I learned of the exhibition from the Wired Science blog, which has a nice additional gallery of his work.


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