Kieran Yanner

Kieran Yanner
Kieran Yanner is a concept artist and illustrator working for a variety of clients in publishing and the gaming industry.

Originally from Darwin, Australia, Yanner now lives and works in Seattle, Washington in the U.S.

His clients include Hasbro, NCSoft, THQ, DC Comics, Marvel, Upperdeck Entertainment, Decipher, Wizards of the Coast, Wizkids, White Wolf, Vivendi Universal Games, Disney and Sony Online Entertainment.

Yanner works digitally and has a nice flair for visual drama, from the sweeping motions of dragons or sea monsters to emotional characters to dazzling special effects. He also demonstrates a flair for humorous illustration, as in his character designs for Save Dr. Lucky (above, fourth down).

His portfolio is divided into sections by project and shows the range of visual approaches and rendering styles he brings to the different kinds of projects he undertakes.

There is an interview with Yanner on 3D Total.


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