Cory Godbey

Cory Godbey
Cory Godbey is an illustrator and animator based in Greenville, South Carolina whose work utilizes elegant lines, stylized drawing and deep, carefully limited color palettes to achieve wonderful effect.

He makes use of these strengths, as well as a rich imagination, in his illustrations of classic children’s stories as well as contemporary themes. I particularly enjoy his playful use of illumination and light sources.

You can see in Godbey’s work his apparent admiration for classic Golden Age illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, John Bauer and Gustav Tenggren, as well as contemporary illustrators like Maurice Sendak.

The “Gallery” portion of his website redirects to his gallery on Behance Network, where you will find sections for work in various categories. In addition Godbey maintains a blog titled late night rains.

Godbey’s clients incude Random House, HarperCollins, Marvel and The Jim Hensen Co. He has also done comics work for the Flight comics anthologies.


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  1. Yup,love em !! Do you know if these are in traditional media ? they look like it, beautifully soft lines and colour. The same could be produced in Painter I guess, but curious to know.
    Lovely though :)

  2. Glorious. Somehow manages to be reverent and original at the same time. Full of wisdom, depth, and whimsy. Each one is a blooming miracle :)

  3. So glad I saw this. A wonderful artist and I think fairy tales are the finest stories to illustrate.
    This is a wonderful blog too. Looking forward to making many visits in the future. Thank you very much.

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