Thursday, May 3, 2012

Derek Penix

Derek Penix
Artist Derek Penix came from a family in which his mother and grandfather both painted, and took it up himself after high school.

He says his admiration for painters like Nicolai Fechin, John Singer Sargent and the French Impressionists has been superseded as his primary influence by his studies with contemporary painter Quang Ho.

Penix has a crisp, painterly approach with a deft play of light and shadow. I particularly enjoy his paintings of outdoor market stalls and the play of sunlight on brightly colored wooden boats.


3 thoughts on “Derek Penix

  1. Melissa

    These are gorgeous! A local studio in my area just issued an invitation to submit to a show they are calling “The Farmer’s Market,” and I have been at my local one snapping photos to find the image I want to capture. This guy has it down! Lovely.

  2. Gwynn Smith

    I have just discovered your blog, what a wonderful, inspiring, serendipitous discovery. I love it. Thank You.

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