Oleg Denisenko (update)

Oleg Denisenko
The wonderfully idiosyncratic graphics of Oleg Denisenko have a feeling of arcane instructional diagrams from some otherworldly past.

Denisenko is a Ukrainian printmaker, painter, calligrapher and sculptor. His intricately rendered images of figures, horses and fantastical mechanisms always seem connected to the past, and rich with potential meaning, but unfettered in imagination.

Since I originally wrote about Denisenko’s work back in 2007, he now has a dedicated website on which you will find an array of his graphics, his equally whimsical sculpture and works in color he identifies as levkas (image above, second from bottom).

As near as I can tell, the term refers to the grounds used by medieval Russian iconographers. Denisenko’s works in this category are rough surfaced, texturally three dimensional and apparently done in oil and/or tempera.

His graphics, however, steal the show, inviting you to spend time delving into their elaborate rendering and fascinating details.

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  1. Thanks for posting his work again Charley. I agree that the printmaking steals the show. I’ve wondered if he was influenced at all by my mentor and friend James Christensen. There are very similar patterns and shapes. But both are influenced by a particular time period in art so that may be it.

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