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Dominick Domingo (update)

The nameless Prince, Dominick Domingo, Josie Poetillo, Yukhi Demers
Dominick Domingo is a concept artist, illustrator and live action film director whose visual development credits include Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tarzan.

Since I wrote a profile of him in 2010, Domingo has recently turned his attention to writing, and his YA fantasy novel The Nameless Prince will be released in July.

In conjunction with the novel, a graphic novel version of the story is under development (though I don’t know if a release date has been set). For the graphic novel version, Domingo is working with other artists, particularly some talented former students from the Art Center College of Design.

You can see a preview of pages by Josie Poetillo (images above, third from bottom) and Yukhi Demers (above, bottom two panels), as well as Domingo’s own pages and concept designs for the graphic novel (above, top three) on the Nameless Prince website.

There is also concept art for what is apparently intended to be a future movie adaptation.