Tony DiTerlizzi’s WondLa

Tony DiTerlizzi's WondLa
Tony DiTerlizzi is an illustrator and author who is probably best known as the co-creator of The Spiderwick Chronicles. In addition he has been the illustrator and at times author of a number of other children’s books.

His latest project is as the author and illustrator of The Search for WondLa and A Hero for WondLa, the first two books of a science fiction/fantasy trilogy intended for young readers.

The books are heavily illustrated, with interior illustrations that revive the look of the duotone process popular in the mid 20th century.

DiTerlizzi has developed a wonderfully subtle approach for his two color illustrations; his series for the first book is done in grays and muted ochres (images above, bottom two) and the second in grays and soft blues.

The illustrations for both series are beautifully realized and wonderfully imaginative, in keeping with the accolades the novels themselves have received.

DiTerlizzi has a gallery of images from A Hero for WondLa on his website. In addition, you can see a few images from The Search for WondLa in his Books gallery and sketches for the series in his Sketchbook gallery.

There is also a dedicated Wondla site that has a gallery from the first book.

There is a good interview with DiTerlizzi conducted by Jonathan Liu on Wired’s GeekDad.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! He also illustrated the D&D Planescape Handbooks, he’s one of my favourite illustrators ever since.
    I see his style has evolved a lot.

  2. Wow, those look great… I’ll have to stop by Tony’s website later today and check it out, and also see what the stories about as I haven’t heard of it before.

    Thanks Charlie,


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