Charles Courtney Curran (update)

Charles Courtney Curran
When I wrote about the lyrical paintings of Charles Courtney Curran back in 2007 I mentioned being disappointed at the small amount of his work available on the web.

Since then the web has continued to expand, bless it’s silicon heart, and more resources for Curran’s idyllic scenes of women in gardens, hanging clothes and surrounded by flowers, as well as his scenes of children playing and domestic activity, have be come available.

Notably, Matthew D. Innis has an extensive and eclectic post on his blog Underpaintings that gives a nice overview of Curran’s work, though the images are not large. For that, look to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s superb high resolution reproduction of Curran’s portrait of Betty Newell (above, top with detail), as well as some of the zoomable images among Christies past auction lots.

I’ve listed other resources below. For more, see my previous post on Charles Courtney Curran.

[Thanks to TimM for the suggestion.]

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  1. His paintings almost seem to be candid photography, in the sense he doesn’t try to force a cheery expression for each subject. And captures them going out everyday life.

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    by charles c. curran which I would like
    to sell;
    rich 917 453 0978

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