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Ben Heine (update)

Ben Heine
I first wrote about Belgian painter, illustrator and photographer Ben Heine back in 2010, when I highlighted his delightful series called “Pencil vs. Camera“, in which he draws a continuation or substitution for part of a scene, usually in pencil on a ragged edged piece of paper or card, and then photographs the drawing held up against the original scene (images above, bottom four).

I’m delighted to say that among his other projects, Heine is continuing Pencil vs. Camera , and you can view the series either on his website or on his deviantART page.

One of Heine’s more recent projects is a series of images he calls “Digital Circlism”. For these he creates portraits with digital tools in which the image is formed from a series of discreet circles of flat color against black backgrounds, in a process he describes as a cross between pop art and pointillism.

As with his other projects, you can view the galleries on either his website or deviantART. (I found the deviantArt pages easier to browse than the website.)

Heine also maintains a blog in which he discusses his work and features new images and in progress works.

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  1. Peggasus Avatar

    I checked out (and bookmarked) his website. I really love the mosaic quality of his work. Did he do the brochure art for the Killer’s last disc as well? I couldn’t find an attribution anywhere. Regardless, very cool stuff!