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Illustration Friday redesigned website

Illustration Friday redesigned website
Illustration Friday is a venerable community website that each week presents a “challenge” in the form of a topic (e.g. “Fluid”, Messenger”, “Disguise”, “Vanity”, “Stripes”, “Fearless”, etc.) that illustrators, aspiring illustrators and artists of all stripes can use as a springboard for their own interpretation.

This is just a no deadline, no pressure way to keep the creative wheels greased, and participants can post their work to the site, compare and communicate with others. Participants can also suggest topics. You might be surprised by how many professional illustrators participate.

Here is a page on How it Works, and a general About page.

The new design refresh features a brighter interface, larger thumbnails, and an easy way to browse by most recent, medium or style.

As the name implies, new topic is posted every Friday (hey, that’s tomorrow!).

For more see my previous post about Illustration Friday.

[Via Escape from Illustration Island]


2 responses to “Illustration Friday redesigned website”

  1. This new site design appears heavily influenced by Pinterest.

    1. I can’t say I’m a fan of the “endless page” display method, but I like the bigger thumbnails and sort features.