Charles Santoso

Charles Santoso
Charles Santoso is a concept artist and art director based in Sydney, Australia and currently working for Animal Logic.

In his spare time he takes on illustration projects and maintains a website, blog and Tumblr account on which he posts those projects, preliminaries, and his wonderful quirky and visually charming personal work.

On the blog he has been posting images of work in process as well as finished pieces, and a series of delightful “Word Doodles”, in which he apparently gives himself a daily challenge to visually interpret a word, sort of like a personal version of Illustration Friday.

On his website you will find work sorted by medium — mixed media, digital and sketches. Don’t miss the “Wonderland of Books” project.

The site also shows a collection of his work (Thoughts and Dreams, under “Publications”) but it’s unfortunately sold out.

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  1. Normally not a fan of cartoonish illustrations but Santoso has such fine details in his. If he illustrated any of my childhood books, I wouldn’t have noticed any of the words and never learned to read. :P

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