Jelaine Faunce

Jelaine Faunce
Jelaine Faunce is a contemporary painter based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She paints her still life subjects in oil. Her compositions have a very strong sense of design, with as much attention given to the spaces around objects as the objects themselves.

Her website portfolio is divided into three sections, Vintage Neon, Small Works and Color Therapy. Though the former receives emphasis, perhaps considered by the artist to be her signature work, and I very much like her small works, which focus on intimate close up views of food items and tea cups, it is in the “Color Therapy” section that I find the work that fascinates me most.

Though I don’t know the intention of the title, the paintings that fall under it, largely of floral and glassware close ups, are vibrant with color, wonderfully textured and masterfully composed.

You can find additional, and sometimes larger, images of her work on the websites of the galleries I list below in which she is represented.


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  1. Charley thank you for showing us this artist’s beautiful work. She has taken subjects which would be fairly ordinary and completely made them her own by the way she has cropped them. This is an artist I will be following!

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