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Catherine Nelson

Catherine Nelson
Visual effects artist Catherine Nelson, who has worked on films like Moulin Rouge and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, creates her personal work in the medium of digital photography, compositing hundreds of photographs into miniature floating worlds.

There are several series in the “Artwork” section of her website, as well as earlier works that include imaginary landscapes.

[Via Slate, which has a nice overview of some of her images in Christopher Johnson’s article on Nelson this morning.]


2 responses to “Catherine Nelson”

  1. Those are amazing and beautiful.

  2. This is really great work.
    Her training as a painter really comes through and that is what makes them so lush not to mention original.
    This is when a newish medium shines. When someone finds a way to use it that transcends the typical approach and makes it work for them or their idea.
    At first glance I was not aware they were digital photos, thought they were indeed paintings.