Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods
Lebbeus Woods was a visionary experimental architect whose designs, though they were seldom realized as actual structures, were tremendously influential on a generation of architects.

His work took on concepts generally considered beyond the purview of architecture, exploring aspects of life and human society as well as the nature of space as defined by structures — and the way humans exist within current and imagined realities.

Woods produced wonderful drawings, both of his visionary projects, such as his design for “Einstein’s Tomb” as an orbiting space station (above, top) and his unique take on extant structures, like his remarkable imagining of Manhattan as a plateau above a deep gorge in the New York bedrock.

Woods died in October this year at the age of 72.

There is an official site and blog, but it’s not that easy to find his drawings. A better source is this gallery exhibition at Friedman Benda gallery from earlier this year, as well as some of the articles on Bldg Blog and others sources listed below.

[Suggestion and links courtesy of Henry Wing Han Lau]


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