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Fleischer Studios Superman Cartoons online

Fleischer Studios Sperman Cartoons
I’ve written before about the superb series of Superman cartoons done in the 1940’s by the studios of Max and Dave Fleischer.

These are beautiful examples of hand drawn animation, essentially film noir adventure stories with great design, rendering and animation; and, as far as I’m concerned, the best film adaptation of the character ever.

The cartoons are in the public domain and have been available on the Internet Archive and YouTube for some time in various versions, but they have been remastered from the original negatives by Warner Brothers and recently released on their YouTube channel for all to enjoy.

All nine of the original series are linked below.


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  1. Typo in the title is actually a little disturbing – Sperman? I’m sure that there’s something deeply Freudian lurking there.

    He does exist, our Sperman.

    1. Corrected. (sigh)

  3. I’m not actually brave enough to click on Aelle’s link.

    1. Not as bad as you might think.