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Eye Candy for Today: Pieter de Hooch elegant interior

Leisure Time in an Elegant Setting, Pieter de Hooch
Leisure Time in an Elegant Setting, Pieter de Hooch.

I love the subtle play of light in the areas outside the main focus.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Today is Pieter de Hooch’s birthday. I took the suggestion from the Met’s mention of that fact, and this painting, on Twitter.

See my previous post on Pieter de Hooch.


5 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Pieter de Hooch elegant interior”

  1. It’s so difficult to look at an interior with window on left from around this time period and geographic location without comparing to Vermeer. Curse.

    On another note. Thanks for all the work this year Charley. You are still a must stop for me in the morning. Just never stop or I’ll have some kind of breakdown.

    1. Thanks, Bill.

      I spent much of my post on Pieter de Hooch comparing him to Vermeer.

      I’ve added a link to the De Hooch post to this one.

  2. wow! this is amazing! you are really talented! could you check out my site as well?

    Merry Christmas! Thanks!

  3. You made some great points in that previous article Charley. For me the greatest gap lies in the surface. The paint quality Vermeer achieves seems far beyond de Hooch’s. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy de Hooch’s work, his quality of light and interesting sense of narrative he creates by layering of space. But I don’t get the same urge to lick the surface of the painting as I do with Vermeer’s.

    1. Thanks, Bill. I agree; De Hooch is a terrific painter, and I enjoy his work a lot, but Vermeer is a painter of a different order. As you point out, there is an almost magical quality to the jewel-like surface of his paintings. Eye candy indeed.