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Edwin Rhemrev

Edwin Rhemrev
Edwin Rhemrev is a visual development artist based in the Nertherlands who works in the fields of gaming and theme park design.

His website has galleries of his work in sections for environments and characters, as well as a sketchbook. Rhemrev also maintains a blog on which you can find works in progress, news of upcoming projects, and more annotation to the images than you will find on the website.

Rhemrev’s drawings and sketches have that wonderful springy, loose kind of style you often encounter in good visual development artists, with a lot of freedom and action on top of a solid foundation of draftsmanship.

Some of his color work is bright and energetic, while much is subdued and moody, and often rendered very effectively in monochrome.

As I frequently find with concept and visual development artists, some of my favorite pieces are among Rhemrev’s personal projects, where he can let his imagination roam with out the constraints of client requirements.

These include his fun take on the thought of what a hypothetical sequel to The Incredibles might look like (images above fourth from bottom).

I also particularly enjoy his digital plein air sketches of locations in The Hague (above, bottom two).


2 responses to “Edwin Rhemrev”

  1. What a great imagination Edwin has!

  2. Edwin is a fantastic artist and also a very kind and humble person. His drawings are very special, you described very well in your blog,
    I’m biased, I know, but Edwin deserved a wider audience!