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Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger
Daniel Danger is an illustrator and printmaker based in New England.

His ink and monochromatic approach gives his works a strong graphic sensibility, and a wonderfully spooky atmosphere, suggestive and foreboding. This is heightened by his enigmatic titles. (Roll over the images on the homepage/gallery of his website for titles.)

Danger titles his website “Tiny Media Empire” and apparently offers screenprints at times, though the Store section is not currently active.

There is little on his site about his process, but his blog goes into more detail, including process images.

According to entries there, he works in scratchboard on clayboard, a thicker variation of the normal scratchboard support, and an equally demanding and painstaking process.

Color is applied either in paint or digitally, sometimes in a combination of both.

[Via Comics Beat]


4 responses to “Daniel Danger”

  1. Beautiful work. I love this sort of graphic work and spare color.
    I noticed he has had quite a few shows at Gallery 1998 here in LA which I have never heard of and will have to pay attention to then go a show see in person.

    I do wonder what his cats name is…

  2. Mmmm-mm! I do love this style. Raising questions, attention to detail, restrained palette. A little like Edward Gorey who, up until I saw this, I thought was the best…

  3. Really interesting work and great sense of drama to these pieces!

  4. These are amazing. Id love to read a book with these as illustrations. The first one reminds me of A Little Night Music by Dorothea Tanning – the light through the doorway suggesting something perhaps dangerous and unknown beyond..