Retro Future Transportation Illustrations on DRB

Retro Future Transportation Art on DRB
Is it the future yet?

I just love past visions of the future (particularly when the future is in our past).

The folks at Dark Roasted Blend, as they often do, have assembled some nice collections of retro future illustration — in this case past visions of future transportation, mostly culled from popular science magazines from the early 20th century — in a series of articles:

Retro-Future: Mind-Boggling Transportation
Retro-Future Transportation Showcase, Part 2
Retro-Future: Glorious Transportation Update

Art credits, unfortunately, are a bit spotty. In some cases links are given to image sources elsewhere on the web. They have also mixed in some more contemporary illustrations, but they’ll be outdated soon enough.

I can’t wait for 1973!

8 Replies to “Retro Future Transportation Illustrations on DRB”

  1. I’d like to see (not capable of making it myself) a retro future illustration of 2013 that portrays the present world in all its weirdness and wonder and awe. Imagine, every school child having a television in his or her hand, watching a black president, paying $3.50 and up for a gallon of gas and $2.00 for a bottle of Coca-cola from a vending machine. No more magazines to speak of, but everyone gets unlimited movies, including the “French-style Art Films, ooh-la-la.’ I can’t think of any more wonders of wonders, but they are there.

  2. Wow! My 1973 automobile didn’t look anything like that one! 😛

    How fun this was! Love this type of looking back at the reality vs past predictions! Love our wonderful imaginations! Thanks for another great post!

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